Home of the Living or the Dead

Our world has evolved and advanced tremendously throughout the past couple of decades. The emphasis on education has reached the ultimate high and a majority of the world’s population can agree that gaining an education and having a creative mind are essential when it comes to reaching success.

I have a passion for people and I know that whatever I aim to become, I want to help people and impact their life in a positive way. To be more specific, I have always wanted to become a surgeon because I think it would be amazing to save lives and help people when they are in need. The medical field has expanded exponentially over the past few decades, especially when people started to greatly appreciate science and mathematics. Our brains are an incredibly sophisticated and useful organ that is still yet to be fully understood. We have sought to understand many things about this world, but there are things that we, human beings, cannot comprehend—the beautiful complexity of the mind. Our minds.

I love the brain. I love the anatomy of it, the intricate functions that it carries out, the composition of it, the vulnerable fragility of it, the unfathomable beauty that it withholds and the list goes on. The thoughts that we have and the movements of our muscles occur because of the brain. The different processes that need to take place in order for our bodies to respond to our environment are instantaneous. We interact with our surroundings with help from our different senses, and these senses are essentially intact due to the signals from our brain to the rest of our bodies. We are able to do various of things with this organ and without it, who are we? What are we? Nothing?

Easy Science for Kids © 2015

I ask myself several questions regarding the brain because it baffles me how this one organ can declare you dead once it stops working. There are many factors that can contribute to brain death, but one of my favorites to learn about are brain tumors. There are different types of brain tumors: benign, malignant, primary, and metastatic. I love brain tumors not because of the damage that they can cause, but because of their ability to adapt and survive. They remind me of humans in a way since we are all striving to survive in our environment—we all want to live. I feel like if you view brain tumors in this perspective, you are able to deeply think about different ways to gently remove the tumor with deep care. If I do become a neurosurgeon one day (my ultimate dream) I would want to appreciate the brain tumor for it’s determination to live and essentially, for it’s survival.

In my eyes, being able to extract a tumor from a human brain seems like a rewarding yet tiring procedure. Your hands are tightly gripping onto the tools, your eyes are fixated on the fragile organ, you are cutting the brain open, every move is precise; significant. It is just you, the patient, and the tumor. You don’t let the chaos distract you, you are admiring the tumor and solely focused on removing it with gentle care.

Texoma Medical Center © 2015

I could honestly go on and on about the brain: it’s various functions and the amazing things that it does for our body, mind, and soul; however, talking about the brain tumors help me put things in perspective. Life is so fleeting. We all go through life hoping to make something out of ourselves. We all strive to succeed and essentially survive. When I think about how we instantly die once our brain stops working, it drives me to get a deeper insight and understanding of our brains, how it works, and why it wants to work. How are thoughts created? How do we receive our thoughts? Is our conscious physically apart of our body/mind? There are so many questions that are still yet to be answered or fully understood, but if we just took a second to deeply appreciate this magnificent organ, we can (and will) make progress.

The brain is beautiful and tragic. It is the home for the living or the dead.

Emily xx


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