Hi guys! I just wanted to share a quick review of a high school play that I attended Friday night.

The play, “Pippin”, was extremely entertaining and exciting to watch. General admission was only $5 dollars, but they sold out quickly so I had to pay $10. Either way, I think the price was definitely worth the money… especially since the money is going towards the theater program.


I went with my friend, Krystal, and we both didn’t really know what to expect. I’ve never attended a high school play before but I have always wanted to. As soon as I sat down in my seat, I immediately started to observe all of the production on and behind stage. I loved watching everything behind-the-scenes come to life. I watched the lights, the music, the orchestra, and the actors/actresses all come together to put on a wonderful show. You could tell that the theater program worked incredibly hard to make the show thrilling for their audience. The acting in the play seemed incredibly natural, which made the show more enjoyable for me; it was never awkward for me. The actors/actresses had so much life to them and they definitely engaged with their audience. The singing was amazing, the dancing was great, and there was a wonderful balance between drama and humor. Every scene blended with each other nicely and I loved how I never knew what to expect! Overall, Pippin was an entertaining play to watch and I highly recommend attending the play!

It’s at Ocean View High School and it starts at 7 PM!

You have one more day to watch it! Tomorrow night (Saturday)! Don’t miss the opportunity to watch an incredible play 🙂

Emily B xx


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